Dockerfile: Creating Images with Best Practices

Cloud Native applications are delivered as containers. Containers, and more specifically, container images encapsulate the application and all its dependencies in a portable format. Containerizing an application involves creating a Dockerfile, building the image and pushing it to an image registry. Create a Dockerfile To containerize an application, create a Dockerfile alongside the application’s source code. The Dockerfile has instructions describing how […]

Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) Technologies

The Tanzu Application Platform is a collection of Kubernetes controllers that, when used together, provide high-level abstractions targeted at Application Developer and Operators. These abstractions are Kubernetes-native APIs and fit cleanly into the Kubernetes ecosystem allowing developers to opt-into the complexity and power of Kubernetes when appropriate, without losing the overall power of the platform. Finally, TAP provides the Developer […]

Exploring the Secure Software Supply Chain in the Modern DevOps Era

DevOps, a new breed in the fast changing world of software development, created a change which promotes communication and collaboration across IT and its stakeholders. With the recent advent of Agile methodologies and container technology, attention was focused on automating the software supply chain. The process seeks to strengthen software delivery speed through continued integration, testing, delivery, deployment, and checks, […]

Understanding Automation Orchestrator User Roles and Group Permissions

In the realm of IT automation, being able to have precise control over who can access what can be a game changer. VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator takes this seriously with new emphasis on user roles and group permissions. Here is a closer look at how these features are set up and why they matter. Roles: The Gatekeepers of Access Roles […]

VMware Aria Orchestrator – Datasheet

Hey there, Blog Readers! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator, a remarkable solution designed to simplify complex IT tasks and supercharge efficiency. Whether you’re an IT professional or simply curious about the latest tech trends, this is one tool you’ll want to know about. If you want to check my workflows, actions and other topics […]

Add Computer to AD Group (vRO Script)

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of adding a computer object to Active Directory (AD) group using VMware Aria Orchestrator(vRO) action. Often, when working with VMware Aria Orchestrator, administrators face challenges in effectively integrating it with AD groups. This integration is crucial for efficient management and automation of IT tasks. I have developed an action that […]

VMware Aria Orchestrator (vRO) Script Environments

Automation is the cornerstone of modern IT operations, and VMware’s vRealize Orchestrator continues to innovate in this space. The latest enhancement, allowing the addition of modules and libraries as dependencies directly from the vRealize Orchestrator Client, marks a significant step forward in simplifying script development and management. In this article, we’ll explore this feature and its benefits, taking a closer […]

ABX Action to Forwarding the payload to a REST Endpoint

In this article, we will look at how to forward the machine payload to a REST endpoint with an ABX Action. If you want to trigger an ABX action, you can use the subscriptions in vRealize Automation Cloud. Subscriptions will trigger ABX Actions based on event topics. You can see sample event topics below. Once a subscription will create, you […]

Configure SNMP Plug-In Port to the vRealize Orchestrator 8.x

In this post, we are going to look at how to configure the SNMP Plug-In port for vRealize Orchestrator 8.x. The SNMP port can be configured with a workflow for vRO 7 and 8, but since vRO 8 uses the Kubernetes infrastructure, this configuration must be Kubernetes based. The following lines of code will help you. Create a variable for […]

Dynamic Types Plug-In Sync Issue (vRO)

In this blog post, we are going to show how to solve the Dynamic Types Issue. If you work with dynamic types, you probably have encountered synchronization issues. With the synchronization issues, the workflows or actions cannot assign values to the dynamic types of variables. Developers encounter 90% syntax 10% plugin errors but they don’t notice it. I have developed […]